Tuesday, March 20, 2007


When Throbbing Gristle formed Industrial Records back in 1976 as a vehicle for distributing their music, they eventually went about creating an official newsletter of sorts, which they called "Industrial News." All in all, it was published once a year, usually in the Fall, and there were a total of three (though a fourth one was included with the TG24 box set). Likewise, William Bennett's Come Organization put out it's own newsletter, "Kata," every two months or so, and in that case there were 20 issues.

Following their example, I have decided that my netlabel Mauve Zone Recordings should also have it's very own newsletter as a way to get information to the fans. The name of this newsletter is "TRANS/MISSION" and I hope to have a new issue out every 2 months or so. The issues (most of which will run to around 25-30 pages) will be posted on the MZR page of my Necronomicon Transhumanism website, in the following link:


There are three seperate files to choose from: MS Works Word Processor, MS Word, and Rich Text Format. The latter two programs don't work on my computer, so I don't know if they look any different from the Works Word Processor one, which is what I created it on. Let me know if you encounter any difficulties downloading/opening it.Issue 1 is mostly devoted to Boy Destroyer, as that's currently the only release on my label. Issue 2 (due out in May) will mostly revolve around my Sypha Nadon project. It's 23 pages long.