Saturday, June 30, 2007

MZR005: Thomas Moronic: Hard & Evil

MZR is pleased to announce the release of a new album, provided to us by noted UK musician Thomas Moronic. The name of the album is "Hard And Evil" and it consists of one very long, very hypnotic track that we find to be very soothing & relaxing (while, at the same time, also being very unsettling!)

The new album, as always, may be downloaded off the MZR netlabel page, at this link: cover art by Sian McFarlane).

COMING SOON: album by The People's Tongue, and much more, including the first few Cat Band anthologies later on this summer. Sypha Nadon is also working on a new album.

Friday, June 8, 2007


New release on MZR posted today: "Malkunofat Disko" split EP between Sypha Nadon and cult German noise band Zyklon Vagina. A stopgap release, paving the way for the future (lots of exciting new acts are on the way). May be found here:

MZR Press Release

MZR is pleased to announce that BOY DESTROYER's debut album has recently passed the 200 download mark. Thanks to anyone reading this who took the time to download and listen to it.A split EP between Sypha Nadon and legendary German noise band Zyklon Vagina will be appearing on MZR in the coming days. This is intended as a stop-gap release, paving the way and wetting the appetites for more ambitious albums in the future... more info coming soon.

It has been decided that TRANS/MISSION (the official MZR news organ) will now be a quarterly periodical (rather than a bi-monthly affair). New dates for its release will be March, June, September, and December.

That will be all for now.