Saturday, December 22, 2007


MZR is pleased to announce the release of the label's second newsletter, volume 2 of TRANS/MISSION. It may be downloaded from the following site:

At the moment there are 3 formats avaliable: Word 97-2002, MS Works Word, and Rich Text. In the future, we will also offer PDF versions starting in 2008. If none of these formats work for you contact MZR at Also, if you wish to be added to the TRANS/MISSION subscription list, let us know. This new issue may take a slight longer time to download than issue 1 as it is twice as long and has many pictures, some quite large. It is the MZR holiday issue and it features, among other things, extensive inteviews with Thomas Moronic, The People's Tongue, and Bryce Clayton Eiman, along with the rest of the lyrics off the first Boy Destroyer album.

TRANS/MISSION 3 will be devoted to the Cat Band and will include many lyrics from the recent anthology releases.

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