Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dimension Set

The space-spider overlords of the star known as Mizar (which is both the cosmic home and the extraterrestrial point of origin of Mauve Zone Recordings) have issued to our terrestrial outpost here on Earth the discovery of the so-called "Dimension Set" (or, as a variation, "Dimension Seth"). This dimension, which in some manner is identical to what Kenneth Grant refers to as "The Mauve Zone", is a source of great occult power and also a fountainhead for the so-called Typhonian (or Necronomicon) Gnosis. A good idea of its visual appearance can be provided by consulting a certain stage in the Nintendo DS game known as "Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin" (the stage in question being "The Forgotten City"), a screenshot of which can be found below:

At the moment our established colleague, Frater Tsalal, is projecting himself into Dimension Set and, thus observing the alien sigils, is translating them into human language afterwards. The end result will be a curious document known simply as "Grimoire." This book will contain the secrets of the Sodality of the Holy Shadow and Mauve Zone Recordings, masquerading under the subtle masque of "weird fiction."

Due to this new project (and the fact that Frater Tsalal's human avatar, James Champagne, is planning on getting back to work on his second novel in 2009), Mauve Zone Recordings will be going on temporary hiatus. However, we are always on the lookout for new artists, and of course this blog will be updated with news on a regular basis. And, needless to say, one can still download all the current albums released on the label thus far off our page on the Internet Archive.

We thank you for your interest,

Arthur Limbo