Friday, April 24, 2009

New Release: Cat Band Anthology Vol. 4: Off-White

MZR is pleased to announce the official release of the long-awaited fourth volume of the Cat Band Anthology series. Subtitled "Off-White," this 15 track collection includes some of the Cat Band's most trademark tracks, such as multiple versions of "Blue Cat" and "Magic," along with some obscure songs such as "In a Box" and "Bad Luck Song." The collection concludes with a bracing cover of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me." As always, the album may be downloaded for free here:

The fifth (and final) Cat Band Anthology volume will most likely be released later on this year. A two disc affair, it will include the Cat Band's final "live" show from 2002, along with many rare tracks culled not only from the Cat Band archives but also from the solo careers of the various band members. But for now, we hope you enjoy this release, arguably the creative zenith of The Cat Band.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cat Band Anthology 4 Tracklisting

1. Blue Cat (Original)
2. Magic
3. Watch Your Back Jack
4. Yours to Keep
5. Soviet Union
6. Bad Luck Song
7. In a Box
8. By The Way
9. Magic (acoustic)
10. Racist Cops
11. Last Rock & Roll Star
12. Harlem
13. Crestfallen
14. Blue Cat
15. You Really Got Me

Cover art coming soon...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cat Band Anthology 3 Update

As noted in the previous entry, the third Cat Band anthology consisted of the Cat Band's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 tape, with the exception of one missing track, track #13, "When We Were Kings." It pleases me to say that the track has turned up and has now been added to the release known as MZR011: Cat Band Anthology 3. As a result, the tracks on said album have been renumbered to reflect this addition. Those who wish to have the now complete album are in luck.

MZR 2009 News

Sometime this month MZR hopes to release the fourth volume of the acclaimed Cat Band anthology series. This release, whose tracklisting will be announced soon, concentrates on material culled from the band's 1999-2001 period, which followed the release of "The Cat Band's Greatest Hits Tape Vol. 1" (which was collected on the third Cat Band anthology release) and involved my youngest brother, Andrew, joining the band as the official drummer (prior to that, my other brothers had used either keyboard drums or unorthodox objects such as coins for percussion). This anthology will contain some of the Cat Band's most classic songs, including "Magic", "Harlem", "Watch Your Back Jack", and perhaps their trademark song, "Blue Cat". It will also feature many rarities and other obscure curiosita.

A fifth (and, at the moment, final) Cat Band anthology will be released sometime over the summer. This will simply be the Cat Band's final "live" show, recorded in 2002.

Prior to that, however, MZR will release an "best of" Sypha Nadon collection, celebrating Sypha Nadon's ten year anniversary. It will be released on June 17, 2009. A new Sypha Nadon album is expected to be released sometime this year.

Boy Destroyer is also planning on returning to the studio sometime soon.

We also eventually hope to finally release Bryce Clayton Eiman's "Sex in Heaven" album sometime over the summer. More details soon.

Finally, if anyone reading this has a copy of the old "TRANS/MISSION 2" PDF, could you please send me a copy through our label's e-mail address ( We lost our only copy during a computer crisis in late 2008.