Saturday, December 19, 2009

OUT NOW: M. Karo: "Funky Afternoon + The Slow Fish Remixes#1-5" [MZR022]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of Michael Karo's "Funky Afternoon + The Slow Fish Remixes# 1-5", a most fascinating Eno-esque experiment in which he takes one song and does a multitude of different remixes of it, each one being equally fascinating. Besides being an incredibly prolific musician, he is also a very skilled photographer, and MZR is very thankful that he is allowing us to release one of his many musical projects on our netlabel. As always, it may be downloaded for free at the MZR download page at Internet Archive:

Earlier this year, he released an album entitled "Music With Horns" which can be purchased through both iTunes ( and Amazon ( This album is really great and we highly recommend it.

Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays from MZR

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis

Mauve Zone Recordings highly recommends The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis, the new novella written by the very talented Mark Gluth and published by Dennis Cooper's Little House on the Bowery press in conjunction with Akashic Books. Gluth's writing has previously appeared in the classic Userlands anthology, and it is our hope that his new work will get him the accolades he deserves.

OUT NOW: Boy Destroyer: Socialist Boy Scouts [MZR021]


1. Destroy Everything! (7:47)
2. Going Nova (6:09)
3. Fuck-War (4:49)
4. Assassins at Alamut (5:58)
5. Minraud Riot Control (4:08)
6. Astral Terrorism (5:45)
7. We Wear Carrion Like Perfume (6:58)
8. Mainstream Gynocide (5:49)
9. Bomb Squad (6:50)
10. Industrial Espionage (7:15)
11. Dancing on the Ashes of Capitalism (6:02)
12. Kollaps Metal (4:43)
13. Elegy for Dead Roads (7:06)

Running Time: 79:54


Sypha Nadon: programming, beats, rhythms, percussion, piano, bass programming, noise, strings, drones, sound effects

Isabelle Ducasse: guitar, feedback

Ray Pissed: song titles, concepts, art design

James Champagne: producer, engineer

Recorded October-December 2009

All songs on this album are first takes created using FL Studio 9. No post-production work has been done on them.

For Kyosuke Higuchi.

As always, it may be downloaded for free at our Internet Archive page: