Saturday, April 9, 2016


In this Year of our Dark Lord Xexanoth 2016, Mauve Zone Recordings is now officially ten years old. To commemorate this milestone, we have decided to once again make available for the public the label's very first release, Boy Destroyer's historic "Rise Horus Rise" LP, a classic of the noise/power electronics genre which was first released all the way back on March 6th, 2007, and which has long been deleted. This special Deluxe Edition of "Rise Horus Rise" features all 12 tracks off that original release, along with a number of bonus tracks taken from the "Wild Boys" EP of 2008 (which has also long been unavailable). This Deluxe Edition also boasts brand new cover artwork, along with a PDF/Word Document "The Boy Destroyer Book," this being a 33 page document that includes a special introduction written by MZR founder Arthur Limbo, the original liner notes for the "Rise Horus Rise" and "Wild Boys" albums, the very first Boy Destroyer interview, bits of fascinating trivia, many of the band's lyrics, and a variety of slightly NSFW photographs (many of which are taken from Dennis Cooper's blog).


1. Welcome to the Machine (4:56)
2. War (4:49)
3. Spill Blood (1:54)
4. Intellectual Punk (5:09)
5. Raped by a Deer (3:57)
6. Rise Horus Rise (5:21) instrumental
7. Human Lab Rats (4:40)
8. We Hate You Conservatives (5:13)
9. Retail Hell (5:29)
10. Electro-Sadism (5:07)
11. Scream for Terror (3:57)
12. Boy Destroyer (9:50)
13. Fucking Guilty (4:33)
14. The Secret (2:49)
15. Disobey! (2:08) instrumental
16. Briefing for a Descent Into Hell (6:42)
17. Wild Boys Remix (3:20) instrumental

Total Running Time: 79:58

Tracks 1-12 originally appeared on the "Rise Horus Rise" LP (2007) MZR001
Tracks 13-16 originally appeared on the "Wild Boys" EP (2008) MZR013
Track 17 originally appeared on the "A Dream as White as the Death of a Seagull" compilation album (2008) MZR014


Ray Pissed: Vocals + Lyrics
Sypha Nadon: Rhythm Loops + Beats
Isabelle Ducasse: Noise Guitar + Feedback

Album art by JC
The Boy Destroyer Book edited and assembled by Arthur Limbo and James Champagne

" must go through the deep experience of sickness and death to arrive at a higher sanity and health."
-Thomas Mann
As always, the album may be downloaded for free from our page at the Internet Archive site:

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