Thursday, May 5, 2016

Coming Soon from MZR: Selected Ambient Twerks (A Sypha Nadon Retrospective 2009-2016) MZR037

Coming June 17th, 2016:

Selected Ambient Twerks: A Sypha Nadon Retrospective 2009-2016 [MZR037]

A companion volume to 2009's The Nightmare Factory collection, this second "greatest hits" album will feature a total of 19 songs, including highlights from the following albums: Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night, Orheculegenias, 4NIC8, Litch, Canadian Atheist, and last year's Monolith: effectively covering a 7 year period. There will also be one bonus track made especially for the collection, the name of this song being "A New Circle of Hell."

potential tracklisting:

1. A New Circle of Hell
2. Bleeding Edge (2016 re-recording)
3. Ritual
4. Everything Dies
5. Ghost Mountains
6. Tangerine Nightmare
8. Interzone
9. One Thousand Years
10. Black Insect Laughter
11. Coiled Horizons
12. Dark Enlightenment
13. The Acknowledged
14. Yotsuba Corporation
15. Piano Piece for Cocksucking
16. America After the Rain
17. Witnesses
18. The Devil You Know
19. Receiving the Logos

More details to follow...

In related news, last year's First Report anthology album was today updated with some further archival material: the songs "World's End," "Catpotty," "Bach Nightmare Zone," and "Computer Death" have all been added to the tracklisting, to the extent that now all but three tracks from the first Sypha Nadon cassette tape are now available for one's listening pleasure. As a bonus track, I've also added another very old SN song, "Misery Fucker," to the very end of the album.