Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Coming to Mauve Zone Recordings this July: Death Head Moths: Second Report [MZR038]

An album of all-MIDI music that was recorded during the months of April-June 2016. As this album was entirely created using Voyetra, I've decided to release it under the Death Head Moths banner: the first album I've done this for since my very first album (First Report) wayyyy back in the year 2000 (later on it was retconned as a Sypha Nadon album). Hence the title.

Track listing:

1. Crionics 2. Monsters 3. Carnival 4. The House of Chthon 5. DAF 6. The Hollow City 7. Bobby Prince 8. Baroque 9. Borderlands of Sanity 10. The Elder World 11. Spider Mastermind 12. Eco-Gothic

Running time: 46:57

Later on this year will see the release of MZR039, the content of which I'm still undecided on. And at the year's end will be MZR040, the big compilation album that might end up being entitled Beyond the Mauve Zone. A fine way to celebrate the label's 10th year of operation, though after that I see it as going on hiatus for a bit because it's become a bit of a time sink this year.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of Selected Ambient Twerks: A Sypha Nadon Retrospective 2009-2016.

Selected Ambient Twerks: A Sypha Nadon Retrospective 2009-2016 is the second “greatest hits” Sypha Nadon album, a companion album to 2009’s The Nightmare Factory collection. Whereas the former album collected music from the years 2000-2009, this new collection assembles tracks from the years 2009-2016, focusing on the following albums: Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night, Orheculegenias, 4NIC8, Litch, Canadian Atheist, and last year’s Monolith. It also includes a new, never-before released track, “A New Circle of Hell,” which was created shortly after the Monolith sessions. Once again, I would like to thank anyone who has listened to and appreciated my work over the last 16 or so years.

As always, the album may be downloaded/listened to for free at the Mauve Zone Recordings' Internet Archive page:

Track listing:

1. A New Circle of Hell (4:32)
2. Bleeding Edge 2016 Mix (3:24)
3. Ritual (3:11)
4. Everything Dies (4:49)
5. Ghost Mountains (3:42)
6. Tangerine Nightmare (7:12)
7. STRIPPER (3:04)
8. Interzone (4:57)
9. One Thousand Years (4:27)
10. Black Insect Laughter (6:23)
11. Coiled Horizons (3:01)
12. Dark Enlightenment (4:04)
13. The Acknowledged (4:24)
14. Yotsuba Corporation (2:57)
15. Piano Piece for Cocksucking (2:40)
16. America After the Rain (3:46)
17. Witnesses (2:15)
18. The Devil You Know (5:59)
19. Receiving the Logos (4:00)

Total Running Time: 78:56

Track one, “A New Circle of Hell,” is an entirely new Sypha Nadon song created specifically for this collection: it was written in 2015 and recorded in 2015/2016. With the exception of this track, all of the other tracks on the album have previously appeared elsewhere:

Tracks 2, 6, 11 off the “Litch” LP (2013) (Although track 2 has been re-recorded and re-mixed)
Tracks 3, 9, 12, 16 off the “Monolith” LP (2015)
Tracks 4, 10, 14, 18 off the “Orheculegenias” LP (2010)
Tracks 5, 13, 17 off the “Canadian Atheist” LP (2014)
Tracks 7, 15 off the “4NIC8” LP (2011)
Tracks 8, 19 off the “Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night” LP (2009)

All songs by Sypha Nadon
Produced by James Champagne
Vocals on tracks 1, 3, 5, and 9 provided by James Champagne

The majority of these tracks were programmed and arranged using FL Studio 10 Producer Edition, save for tracks 8 and 19, which were arranged via the Voyetra Digital Orchestrator. All of the tracks were recorded using Goldwave v.5.65.

Cover illustration from a 1972 textbook entitled "Biology Today," done by the artist Masami Teraoka: the name of the illustration is “Human Possibilities.” The back cover illustration is taken from the manga “Monster Musume.”

Cover design by James Champagne.

All songs recorded in the period from 2009 to 2016.


The Moon reveals a gremlin face
That leers at us from outer space
The Sun grows an unblinking eye
That rains destruction from its throne in the sky
This is not the Earth
This is a new circle of Hell
Circle of Hell
Circle of
This is not the Earth
This is a new circle of Hell
Circle of Hell
Circle of
I can hear the riots in the streets
We realized we’re just dreaming meat
We stepped into the alien’s trap
Now we’re on the brink of a psychic collapse

Coming soon: an announcement on MZR038, which will hopefully be available later on this summer.