Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mauve Zone Recordings Day

This weekend, Dennis Cooper's blog is hosting a special article I wrote celebrating the ten year anniversary of Mauve Zone Recordings, a non-profit Internet Archive netlabel devoted to weird/esoteric music that I created back in 2007. For those who have never heard of Mauve Zone Recordings (or MZR for short), it is a good introduction. The entry may be found here (warning: a few images on it are NSFW):

Saturday, December 3, 2016

OUT NOW: Various: Beyond The Mauve Zone [MZR040]

Mauve Zone Recordings is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of Beyond The Mauve Zone, our label's 40th release and second compilation album (following 2008's acclaimed A Dream as White as the Death of a Seagull). Featuring 15 songs and running to over 70 minutes, this compilation album (which has been months in the making) is surely one of the most epic creations to yet spring forth from the nightmare factories of the Mauve Zone.
As with all MZR releases, it may be listened to/downloaded for free here:
Track listing:

1. Orchestra 23: Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman (Intro) 3:37
2. Boy Destroyer: Leonardo 4:38
3. ▼RIL Y▲: We Are The Void We Worship 8:08
4. Cadaver Synod: Five Billion Years of Hell-Engineering 5:52
5. The People’s Tongue: Shooby Laboof Propulsion 2:09
6. Thomas Moore: Sling 9:09
7. James Champagne: Beyond the Mauve Zone 7:19
8. Orchestra 23: Intermission 2016 1:54
9. M. Karo: Tiempo Peligroso 7:47
10. Zyklon Vagina: Bass Decay 3:19
11. Bryce Clayton Eiman: My Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist 4:27
12. Death Head Moths: Eraser (Polite) 2:29
13. Sypha Nadon: Melenkurion Skyweir 4:28
14. Orchestra 23: Dark House (Outro) 3:37
15. Mystery Guest: The Grand Feline-ale 3:19

Total Running Time: 72:15

Album Concept: Arthur Limbo
Art Direction + Design: James Champagne
Front cover illustration by James Champagne
Back cover illustration by Steffi Grant, extracted from the back cover of Kenneth Grant’s book Beyond the Mauve Zone (and further modified by James Champagne)

Artist/track information:

Orchestra 23
“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

Boy Destroyer is:
Sypha Nadon: Rhythm
Isabelle Ducasse: Electronics, Noises
Ray Pissed: Samples

▼RIL Y▲ is Choronzon as music, post- post -apocalypse bass. Identity vampirism thru genre raping time signature sigils and rerun ritual atavism. Chopped and Screwed cough syrup time dislocation. We are dancing across the abyss asleep on the basement floor of the neverending party. Ecstasy to dynamite the Daathian prison gate and return to ourselves beyond the stars.

Cadaver Synod
“Sounds are rabies, spread by rat tails.”
-Reza Negarestani, Cyclonopedia

The People's Tongue are two people who exist in Indianapolis, Indiana and Portland, Oregon. They crawled onto the scene in 2002 and deposited their first LP "Speedwalk Fantasy." That was followed by "Saturday Night Fever" and the MZR international hit "Sonny Bono's Favorites." "Shooby Leboof Propulsion" is an unreleased single created using the Five Obstructions method. Neither participate can recall the details of the Obstructions. They are at work on their fourth album.

Thomas Moore
"I don't make music anymore so this was fun. I tried to make a track that I'd like to hear in a cruise bar or a darkroom at a sex club, because more often than not, the music I hear in those places isn't my thing".

James Champagne
“…when in doubt, surrealism.”
-Quentin S. Crisp, “The Haunted Bicycle”

M. Karo
m. karo has been making music on and off for 30 years. His current projects are:
Many of his songs may also be heard on his YouTube channel:

Zyklon Vagina

Bryce Eiman (b. 1956) grew up on a farm a few miles outside St Joseph, MO. He learned the rudiments of music in public school and received instruction in piano and baritone horn, but was influenced mostly by the sound of farm equipment. He does not consider his own work music but rather therapy. His first release appeared in 1987, followed by a few handfuls of others.
Played in WOMB (with Peter Keller), Dirt Log (with Craig Hilton), Bicameral Mind (with Shaun Sandor), and Weather Machine (with Joe Hendrix). 

Death Head Moths is James Champagne
It was a Coil remix of the Nine Inch Nails song “Closer” (which appeared during the opening credits of the film Se7en) that served as my primary inspiration to begin recording electronic music of my own. It seems only fitting, then, that now I do this song, a cover of Coil doing a remix of the Nine Inch Nails song “Eraser” (as heard on the NIN remix album “Further Down the Spiral,” where it was known as the “Polite” mix). Lyrics by Trent Reznor.

Sypha Nadon
“What is your will?
To meet with Choronzon, between the Worlds.
To what end?
That I may be the Needle’s Eye for Chaos itself.”
-Maggie Cook, The Magickal Record of Nema 1975-1977: An Initiatory Journal For Admittance To The Typhonian Order
A big thank you to all the artists who contributed to this incarnation of the Mauve Zone.