Saturday, May 26, 2007

MZR news

On the MZR front, changes are in the air. The James Champagne solo album due for release next month has been scrapped, mainly because- after listening to the final masters- it was dubbed to be subpar (at best). Still, two good tracks came out of these sessions ("Worm Food" & "Vow of Violence") and these might appear on a future MZR release, perhaps the compilation album. During these same sessions Boy Destroyer recorded 2 new songs (a cover of TG's "Discipline" & an original track called "Viscous"... the former will appear on the Boy Destroyer EP "Disobey" while the latter will manifest on the afore-mentioned comp.) In regards to Sypha Nadon, there will be no new album this year but possibly one in 2008. However, a third anthology of old material is in the works, and recently SN recorded a new song called "Prelude to Mass Slaughter" which will appear on the MZR comp. (another new SN track will appear on the upcoming This Plague of Dreaming compilation album in the future).

This does not mean that MZR will be inactive, however. I've kicked up production on the release of the Cat Band anthology project. At first, these were to be spread out, but now I plan on releasing all five volumes at once (even though volumes 4-5 haven't been converted to digital format yet). Hopefully this release will appear in late summer/early fall. In addition, a friend of mine is currently hard at work on a double album for MZR... in fact he's locked himself into his closet/recording studio, where he is currently in contact with beings from outer space. I'm very excited about this. recently I was also contacted by another online friend who is sending me some of his music, and when I mentioned I had a netlabel he said I could post it if I wanted, so we'll see... I just love the fact that other people will be providing me with content now, as it takes the pressure off me to be constantly working on music (I'm not feeling very inspired musically at the moment) and gives me more time to work on the Warhol book, which at the moment is my number one priority.