Monday, July 4, 2016

OUT NOW: Death Head Moths: Second Report [MZR038]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce our latest release, Second Report by Death Head Moths.

This is an album of all-MIDI music that was recorded during the months of April-June 2016. As this album was entirely created using Voyetra (the first such album I've done in this manner since 2008's The Black Omen LP), I've decided to release it under the Death Head Moths banner: the first album I've done this for since my very first album (First Report) back in the year 2000 (later on it was retconned a...s a Sypha Nadon album). Hence the title. Essentially, Death Head Moths is Sypha Nadon in lepidopteran drag.

Track listing:
1. Crionics 2. Monsters 3. Carnival 4. The House of Chthon 5. DAF 6. The Hollow City 7. Bobby Prince 8. Baroque 9. Borderlands of Sanity 10. The Elder World 11. Spider Mastermind 12. Eco-Gothic
Running time: 46:57
As always the album may be listened to/downloaded for free at the MZR Internet Archive page:
Creating an album using just MIDI is tougher then it sounds, so for variety's sake there's a lot of different musical styles utilized in this recording: electronic pop, classical, hard rock/metal, experimental noise, and so on. Something for everyone!