Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sneak Preview of "Beyond the Mauve Zone" [MZR040]

In regards to the upcoming Mauve Zone Recordings Beyond the Mauve Zone album due to be released later this year, I've once again employed the mysterious musical entity known as Orchestra 23 (hint: actually just another of my musical pseudonyms) to record an intro, intermission, and outro track for the album, in much the same way they did a similar duty for the1st MZR compilation album. As a preview for the album, here is the opening track, "Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman." ...The song is divided into two parts: part 1 is kind of a bombastic, orchestral, prog rock affair, with chuch organs, timpani, choirs, and so on (of course, it's all MIDI, so it still sounds kind of tame), while part 2 is a more somber and pastoral affair, somewhat heavy on the oboe.

It will be impossible for me to finalize the tracklisting until all the contributers have sent me their songs, but here is a small list of some of the acts to expect (plus their proposed song titles):

Sypha Nadon: Melenkurion Skyweir
Boy Destroyer: Leonardo
Cadaver Synod: Genocide Loop
Zyklon Vagina: Bass Decay
Death Head Moths: Eraser (Polite) Nine Inch Nails/Coil cover
Orchestra 23: Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman (Intro), Intermission 2016, Dark House (Outro)
The Cat Band: ????

 Plus other mystery acts to be revealed in the coming weeks.