Sunday, December 1, 2013

OUT NOW: Sypha Nadon: Litch [MZR027]

After a two year hiatus, Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of Litch, the new studio album by Sypha Nadon.


1. Industrial Baptism (3:59)
2. Bleeding Edge (3:57)
3. Death Factory (2:30)
4. The Robing of the Bride (3:02)
5. Tangerine Nightmare (7:12)
6. Coiled Horizons (3:01)
7. Cthulhu Bowel Movement (2:43)
8. God of Imperfection (4:31)
9. Astaroth & Asmodeus (5:32)
10. Do Not Open Till Doomsday (4:18)
11. Rope Culture (5:34)
12. Exterior Camera 4C-99 (0:46)
13. Leviathan (5:19)
14. Zothique (3:21)
15. Litch (4:15)

Total Running Time: 60 Minutes

Sypha Nadon: Litch
Studio Album #6/MZR027
Written by Sypha Nadon
Produced by James Champagne
Arranged by Sypha Nadon
Programmed by Sypha Nadon
Mixed by James Champagne
Mastered by Shark Puppet
Engineered by The Fabulous Mr. Meaningless
Recorded at Mauve Zone Recordings Studios in 2013
Cover Photograph/Design by James Champagne

"God is fire in the head." -Vaslav Nijinsky

"The sadness will last forever." -final words of Vincent Van Gogh

As always, the album may be downloaded for free at the Mauve Zone Recordings page at Internet Archive: