Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sypha Nadon: Black Omen soundtrack: Tracklisting

(subject to change in the future)

1. Black Omen Title Screen Song (2:29)
2. Black Omen Theme Song (3:29)
3. Through the Meteor Storm (3:44)
4. Hunting Mutants on Medical Deck (3:14)
5. The Reactor (5:05)
6. Futurist Elevator Music (1:57)
7. Mutant Massacre (3:21)
8. The Science Deck Sabotage (3:14)
9. The Haunted Maintenance Tunnels (2:51)
10. On the Executive Deck (4:18)
11. Flight Bay #23 (5:46)
12. Zero-G (4:01)
13. The Glow (6:26)
14. Operations Deck (2:56)
15. The Museum of Atrocities (3:33)
16. Crew Quarters (4:05)
17. The Security Gauntlet (3:50)
18. The Bridge (3:40)
19. The Crooked Universe (3:16)
20. The Final Boss (3:16)
21. Black Omen End Credits (4:32)
22. Game Over (0:19)

Total running time: 79:33


MZR is pleased to announce the release of the label's second newsletter, volume 2 of TRANS/MISSION. It may be downloaded from the following site:

At the moment there are 3 formats avaliable: Word 97-2002, MS Works Word, and Rich Text. In the future, we will also offer PDF versions starting in 2008. If none of these formats work for you contact MZR at Also, if you wish to be added to the TRANS/MISSION subscription list, let us know. This new issue may take a slight longer time to download than issue 1 as it is twice as long and has many pictures, some quite large. It is the MZR holiday issue and it features, among other things, extensive inteviews with Thomas Moronic, The People's Tongue, and Bryce Clayton Eiman, along with the rest of the lyrics off the first Boy Destroyer album.

TRANS/MISSION 3 will be devoted to the Cat Band and will include many lyrics from the recent anthology releases.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New albums: The Cat Band Anthologies Vols. 1-3 [MZR009-011]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the official release of the first three volumes of the Cat Band Anthology box set (AKA "The Cat Box"). Two more releases will follow sometime in the future, but for now, these will satisfy any kind of Cat Band fix. As always, they may be downloaded for free from MZR's page at the Internet Archive (just follow the links below). For many years, these recordings have been heard by just a small handful of people living in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Now, I unleash it on the world. Would you kindly give the Cat Band a listen?

I would like to add here that anthology volume 3 contains the album "Cat Band's Greatest Hits Volume 1," which I sometimes rank in my top twenty favorite albums ever.

Lyrics to Cat Band songs will appear in an issue of TRANS/MISSION next year.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Album: Bryce Clayton Eiman: "Mono" [MZR008]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of Mono by the talented "drums & drones" experimental musician Bryce Clayton Eiman. This is the second of two releases from Bryce.
From the liner notes:

"Think of this album as my homage to the cassette culture of the '80s. In fact, these pieces I recorded to tape in 1988, and digitized earlier this year, preserving the original monaural sound. I would caution my younger listeners that once upon a time people considered distortion a simple fact of life. "

The album, as always, may be downloaded for free from the MZR page at Internet archive, here:
Bryce Clayton Eiman's MySpace page can be found here:
Thank you for your consideration.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sypha Nadon on the radio

This is older news, but on the week of August 9th a Sypha Nadon song ("Sonic Lwa," off the album Threnody for Zumb Zumb) was played as part of the Pinwheels of Your Mind program on WZBC 90.3 FM Newton, along with several other artists from the This Plague of Dreaming netlabel, such as To Repel Ghosts and The Threshold People.

It has also recently come to our attention that a video on YouTube uses an old Sypha Nadon song ("The Ignored") as it's musical backdrop. The video may be watched here:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Album: Bryce Clayton Eiman: "I'm Not My Type" [MZR007]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of "I'm Not My Type" by the talented "drums & drones" experimental musician Bryce Clayton Eiman. This will be the first of two releases, the next one being "Mono" (due out next month at the time of this announcement). We're very excited (both intellectually & sexually) by this release and we're sure you will be also.

From the liner notes: "Most of my drone I do onto a Yamaha MT120, using a chrome cassette with the Dolby switched to off. I record samples on a Casio SK5 and run them through a distortion pedal, a one-second digital delay (weight: 5 lbs), and a Yamaha R100. Basically, nothing made in the past 15 years -- and yet the sounds I come up with on that rig are soooo fucking cool. On the other hand, I love playing around with GarageBand, especially the preset loops: so quick and so predictable and so very clean. That program accounts for most my dancey material. I personally think that the difference between my get-up and software is the same as that between standard and automatic transmissions. Using a stick, a driver feels like part of the car; one the other hand, it's hard to strip gears with an automatic. Life isn't digital, but information never dies."

The album, as always, may be downloaded for free from the MZR page at Internet archive, here:

Bryce Clayton Eiman's MySpace page can be found here:

Thank you for your consideration.

New MZR Blog

Mauve Zone Recordings (MZR) is pleased to announce the birth of its very own blog (prior to this, all MZR news had appeared on the LiveJournal Text Slimes). From now on, all MZR news will make their debut on this blog, though announcements of new releases will still be mentioned on Text Slimes.

MZR is a nonprofit netlabel that also serves as the musical branch of the Necronomicon Transhumanism Society (NTS).

If you're interested in contacting us for interviews, general comments, or if you wish to submit work to us, we may be e-mailed at

All older MZR news articles have been included in this blog. From this post on, all announcements will be totally new.

COMING SOON: New album from Bryce Clayton Eiman, second issue of TRANS/MISSION, + BOY DESTROYER MySpace page.

Afro Noise

Sypha Nadon recently sent its MySpace page in as a submission for record label Susan Lawly's "Afro Noise" project. It is now featured on the Afro Noise blog here:


This is older news, but a few months ago Sypha Nadon got its very own MySpace page, which can be found here:

At the moment the page features four songs, including an older track ("Ginen") plus a new version of "Threnody for Zumb Zumb" and two new bonus tracks avaliable only at the Sypha Nadon MySpace page: "Song for Oerg-8" and "Andy Warhol." These are the newest Sypha Nadon songs since the three that appeared on "Malkunofat Disko."

Also of interest in regards to MySpace is the new Threshold People page, which can be found here:

This Plague of Dreaming also has a new blog worth checking out:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

MZR Interview

Recently I interviewed Thomas Moronic for the upcoming second issue of TRANS/MISSION. Thomas Moronic, of course, is the mastermind behind "Hard & Evil," a recent MZR release. Those who want to read the interview right now can check out the most recent entry in his blog, here:

The second issue will also have interviews with The People's Tongue & Bryce Clayton Eiman.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

MZR news

Coming soon from Mauve Zone Recordings, the incredible "drums & drones" sounds of Bryce Clayton Eiman! I met Bryce through MySpace and we've quickly become very good friends. A few days ago he sent me a very nice package containing two albums, "I'm Not My Type" and "Mono." Both will be released through MZR very soon. Bryce has a MySpace music page which I highly recommend. Link here:

Also coming soon from MZR, a new edition of TRANS/MISSION featuring interviews with Thomas Moronic & The People's Tongue. Also coming soon, the long-awaited Cat Band anthologies.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

MZR006: The People's Tongue presents Sonny Bono's Favorites

Yet another new MZR release, hot on the heel of Thomas Moronic's "Hard & Evil." This one forms a nice contrast, being 56 short one minute tracks (therefore, it is best to download it in one swoop: That's what the "Whole Directory" link on the left side of the page under "Download" is for, hint hint).

As always, MZR thanks you for your attention. And of course I am very grateful to my friend Winter Rates for letting me release this album on my netlabel (like Thomas Moronic, he's one of my friends from the Dennis Cooper blog community).

Saturday, June 30, 2007

MZR005: Thomas Moronic: Hard & Evil

MZR is pleased to announce the release of a new album, provided to us by noted UK musician Thomas Moronic. The name of the album is "Hard And Evil" and it consists of one very long, very hypnotic track that we find to be very soothing & relaxing (while, at the same time, also being very unsettling!)

The new album, as always, may be downloaded off the MZR netlabel page, at this link: cover art by Sian McFarlane).

COMING SOON: album by The People's Tongue, and much more, including the first few Cat Band anthologies later on this summer. Sypha Nadon is also working on a new album.

Friday, June 8, 2007


New release on MZR posted today: "Malkunofat Disko" split EP between Sypha Nadon and cult German noise band Zyklon Vagina. A stopgap release, paving the way for the future (lots of exciting new acts are on the way). May be found here:

MZR Press Release

MZR is pleased to announce that BOY DESTROYER's debut album has recently passed the 200 download mark. Thanks to anyone reading this who took the time to download and listen to it.A split EP between Sypha Nadon and legendary German noise band Zyklon Vagina will be appearing on MZR in the coming days. This is intended as a stop-gap release, paving the way and wetting the appetites for more ambitious albums in the future... more info coming soon.

It has been decided that TRANS/MISSION (the official MZR news organ) will now be a quarterly periodical (rather than a bi-monthly affair). New dates for its release will be March, June, September, and December.

That will be all for now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

MZR news

On the MZR front, changes are in the air. The James Champagne solo album due for release next month has been scrapped, mainly because- after listening to the final masters- it was dubbed to be subpar (at best). Still, two good tracks came out of these sessions ("Worm Food" & "Vow of Violence") and these might appear on a future MZR release, perhaps the compilation album. During these same sessions Boy Destroyer recorded 2 new songs (a cover of TG's "Discipline" & an original track called "Viscous"... the former will appear on the Boy Destroyer EP "Disobey" while the latter will manifest on the afore-mentioned comp.) In regards to Sypha Nadon, there will be no new album this year but possibly one in 2008. However, a third anthology of old material is in the works, and recently SN recorded a new song called "Prelude to Mass Slaughter" which will appear on the MZR comp. (another new SN track will appear on the upcoming This Plague of Dreaming compilation album in the future).

This does not mean that MZR will be inactive, however. I've kicked up production on the release of the Cat Band anthology project. At first, these were to be spread out, but now I plan on releasing all five volumes at once (even though volumes 4-5 haven't been converted to digital format yet). Hopefully this release will appear in late summer/early fall. In addition, a friend of mine is currently hard at work on a double album for MZR... in fact he's locked himself into his closet/recording studio, where he is currently in contact with beings from outer space. I'm very excited about this. recently I was also contacted by another online friend who is sending me some of his music, and when I mentioned I had a netlabel he said I could post it if I wanted, so we'll see... I just love the fact that other people will be providing me with content now, as it takes the pressure off me to be constantly working on music (I'm not feeling very inspired musically at the moment) and gives me more time to work on the Warhol book, which at the moment is my number one priority.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mauve Zone Recordings now has an official logo

Okay, so I've got the label, I've got some downloadable items, I even have a digital newsletter. Now all I need is a website...

Friday, April 13, 2007

We Declare Total War On Sanity

Today MZR posted two new releases, which collect various Sypha Nadon music. They can be found at the following links:

Anthology 1:

Anthology 2:

Further info will be released in the second issue of TRANS/MISSION (due out next month).

Monday, April 9, 2007

Coming to MZR This Friday the 13th...


Featuring 40 rare songs from the archives, including choice selections from the infamous "120 Songs of Sodom" boxset, and all 14 tracks from the legendary cassette tape-only release "Distant" (2000), some of SN's earliest recordings. For the die-hard, obsessive fan.
"From now on the word fun takes on a new meaning."-Genesis P-Orridge

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


When Throbbing Gristle formed Industrial Records back in 1976 as a vehicle for distributing their music, they eventually went about creating an official newsletter of sorts, which they called "Industrial News." All in all, it was published once a year, usually in the Fall, and there were a total of three (though a fourth one was included with the TG24 box set). Likewise, William Bennett's Come Organization put out it's own newsletter, "Kata," every two months or so, and in that case there were 20 issues.

Following their example, I have decided that my netlabel Mauve Zone Recordings should also have it's very own newsletter as a way to get information to the fans. The name of this newsletter is "TRANS/MISSION" and I hope to have a new issue out every 2 months or so. The issues (most of which will run to around 25-30 pages) will be posted on the MZR page of my Necronomicon Transhumanism website, in the following link:

There are three seperate files to choose from: MS Works Word Processor, MS Word, and Rich Text Format. The latter two programs don't work on my computer, so I don't know if they look any different from the Works Word Processor one, which is what I created it on. Let me know if you encounter any difficulties downloading/opening it.Issue 1 is mostly devoted to Boy Destroyer, as that's currently the only release on my label. Issue 2 (due out in May) will mostly revolve around my Sypha Nadon project. It's 23 pages long.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Mauve Zone Recordings is now an official netlabel, though at the moment there's zero content. Hopefully this will be fixed at the end of the month when the Boy Destroyer album will make it's grand debut. Actually, that album isn't even done yet, but it's almost finished. I'm just waiting for Ray to go into the studio next week and record the vocals for one last song. In the meanwhile, Arthur Limbo has chosen my LJ as the official mouthpiece for Mauve Zone, so all news about upcoming releases will be heard here first.