Sunday, October 9, 2016

OUT NOW: James Champagne: Experiment XX [MZR039]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of James Champagne's Experiment XX [MZR039]. As always, it may be listened to/downloaded for free at our Internet Archive page:
This is not really a new album but a "lost" one. It was recorded at Mauve Zone Studios in October of 2009, when I was just beginning to use the FL Studio program for the first time and familiarizing myself with its operational procedures. Because back then I hadn't yet paid for the program and was only using the demo version, I was thus unable to save my work, so I recorded a number of songs (around six) as first... takes (this was also how the Boy Destroyer album Socialist Boy Scouts was created, as it was recorded shortly after these initial experiments). At the time I considered releasing these six songs on MZR under the Sypha Nadon name (with the working album title being either Experiment XX or Xperiment XX), but as I got better using FL Studio I began to see these tracks as very primitive and decided to not release them. This year I was bored one day and gave the album another listen, and to my surprise I found that I liked what I was hearing: it's true that as one-and-done tracks these are quite raw and glitchy, yet at the same time they have a sort of experimental/improvised psychedelic repetitive style that meets my favor: they really sound unlike anything else I've done. So I've decided to release them now, 7 years later, under my own name.

Track listing:

1. Industrial Concert for Faceless Dwarves (4:59)
2. The Bion Experiments (9:59)
3. Nude Frolic With Hyperspace Elves (9:59)
4. Et in Arcadia ego (9:51)
5. Masturbating Mugwumps (8:15)
6. Bloodstream of Tiamat (8:45)