Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sypha Nadon Update

Work is currently underway on the new (and currently untitled) Sypha Nadon album, which will most likely be a double album/concept album, similar to The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails. The creation of new songs for this project began as far back as December 2014 and continues onward. At the moment a working demo of the first disc has been completed, though many of the songs on it still need a lot of work. Some track titles include "Dark Enlightenment," "300,000,000," "The Weak," "One Thousand Years," "Ritual," "Owls With a Thousand Eyes," "Village 685," "Xibalba Chant," "Airstrip One," "The Great Annihilator," "The Drowned God," and "Collapse of the West." Like last year's Canadian Atheist album, this new album will feature a few songs with vocals/lyrics, though far less in the way of sampling.

More details to follow.