Friday, September 5, 2008

MZR compilation album update

The upcoming release of the first MZR compilation album will be slightly delayed to the influx of new material we have coming in. Rest assured that this new material will only serve to enhance the listening experience.

Also, in addition to the extensive liner notes, a short story written by James Champagne will accompany the album. This story, called "Mauve Movies: A Neo-Goth Narrative", will be around 20 pages long, and is his first new short story since "Kali Yuga" (which was written in 2006). It is hoped that this fictional work will compliment the sounds on the album itself. At the moment James is only 7 pages into the story, so he is almost half done it. Which also accounts for the delay of the compilation.

Future MZR albums may also be enhanced with prose artifacts and other various objets d'art noir. On this subject, however, we cannot elaborate at the moment.

The art book "Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy And Art" is highly recommended, despite its hefty price tag (well, it is an art book, after all). The lover of Max Ernst, Carrington is an accomplished surrealist artist in her own right, and also a novelist. Her art perfectly captures a certain atmosphere that we find evocative and delightful. One of her works ("The Ancestor") can be seen adorning the top of this press release.

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