Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dark Tentacle Website News + MZR Political Endorsement

The official Dark Tentacle website is set to be unveiled to the public this Halloween. As The Dark Tentacle is an umbrella organization, the website will be a portal of sorts, also housing the following organizations:

Organization Name/Head of Organization/Purpose of Organization

Mauve Zone Recordings: Arthur Limbo (Music)
Necronomicon Transhumanist Society: Administrator Zlaxalah (Philosophy)
The Sodality of the Holy Shadow: Sister Zillah Champagne (Religion)
Dark Tentacle Publishing: VACANT FOR NOW (Literature)

Generally speaking, we here at MZR generally do not discuss politics all that often. Then again, the Surrealists were never one to shy away from the issue, so, with that in mind (and needless to say the stance of the heads of MZR does not in any way reflect the political viewpoints of all the artists on our label), I would like to say here that Mauve Zone Recordings supports Barack Obama in his bid for Presidency of the United States.

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