Monday, October 5, 2009

Sypha Nadon ver. 2.0.

After ten years of using the Voyetra Digital Orchestrator for my musical compositions, I have decided to utilize a new program for my sonic endeavors: FL Studio. Thus, the most recent Sypha Nadon album I did earlier this year, "Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night," was the final album of mine to be done on Voyetra. At the moment I am using the demo version of FL Studio and familiarizing myself with how it functions, but later on this month I plan to purchase it for real. Some of these initial improvised demos and sonic experiments will be released on Mauve Zone Recordings later on this month, as a documentation and historical data related to the birth of the next era of the Sypha Nadon alchemical experiment. This album of improvised demos and free-form experiments will be entitled "Xperiment XX" (in homage to Wilhelm Reich), and the cover art will be the following:

(Yes, that's the face of Christ superimposed over an orgone device. No one ever accused us of subtlety).

Mauve Zone Recordings: Angelic Nightmare Music of the Near Future.

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