Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coming Soon From MZR: new Boy Destroyer album!

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the rebirth of Boy Destroyer, now composed mainly of the duo Sypha Nadon and Isabelle Ducasse (Ray Pissed no longer performs musically in the band, but still plays an active part in coming up with song titles and planning the artwork). The new Boy Destroyer album, due out sometime in December, will be the band's first instrumental album, and features a much slicker and more dance & rock-based sound than their earlier albums, though the leftist political stance and experimental edge remain. Entitled "Socialist Boy Scouts," the album will contain 13 songs, and is 79 minutes and 54 seconds in length.


1. Destroy Everything! (7:47)
2. Going Nova (6:09)
3. Fuck-War (4:49)
4. Assassins at Alamut (5:58)
5. Minraud Riot Control (4:08)
6. Astral Terrorism (5:45)
7. We Wear Carrion Like Perfume (6:58)
8. Mainstream Gynocide (5:49)
9. Bomb Squad (6:50)
10. Industrial Espionage (7:15)
11. Dancing on the Ashes of Capitalism (6:02)
12. Kollaps Metal (4:43)
13. Elegy for Dead Roads (7:06)


Sypha Nadon: programming, beats, rhythms, percussion, piano, bass programming, noise, strings, drones, sound effects

Isabelle Ducasse: guitar, feedback

Ray Pissed: song titles, concepts, art design

James Champagne: producer, engineer

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