Monday, March 2, 2015


Coming this month from Mauve Zone Recordings: Sypha Nadon: Decadence
[MZR031]. This reissue will collect the entirety of the Decadence cassette tape recorded in the spring of 2001. Along with the 13 tracks that made up the Decadence tape, it will also include 6 bonus tracks, including the original version of the song "I'm Insane" ( a song that I re-did for last year's Canadian Atheist LP), and the controversial "Bulldozer" (the first SN song to ever be heard by people outside my house: read the reaction to it here:

April will hopefully see the release of the 4th SN reissue, Gap, which collects the Gap album of 2002 (the first SN album ever burnt to CD-R). And in May there will be a 5th reissue album, Society of the Spectacle. That one will collect some rarities from my 2003-2004 period. After that, the bulk of SN's pre-2005 This Plague of Dreaming/Mauve Zone Recordings songs would be available online, and I'd be able to get back to work on new music (in fact, I'm hard at work on new music now, but am delaying its release until I get this reissue series out of the way).

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