Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mauve Zone Recordings Anniversary: Ten Years

Hard as it is to believe, but 2016 marks the tenth year of operation for the Mauve Zone Recordings netlabel (which began operating in February of 2007). To commemorate this historic milestone, we have a number of exciting releases lined up for this year.
This month will see the re-release of Boy Destroyer's Rise Horus Rise, the very first album released on Mauve Zone Recordings, way back in March of 2007. Long deleted and out-of-print, this underground classic of the noise/power electronics genre will now be presented with a lavish anniversary edition, featuring all new artwork, all 12 tracks off the original album (plus some of the highlights off the equally out-of-print Wild Boys EP of March 2008), and a special PDF/booklet containing the album's original liner notes, lyrics, and other ephemera. This release will be MZR036.
On June 17th, MZR is planning on releasing a second Sypha Nadon "greatest hits" collection, a sequel of sorts to 2009's The Nightmare Factory collection. This new collection (which is tentatively being called Selected Ambient Twerks at the moment) will features some of the best tracks off the SN albums Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night, Orheculegenias4NIC8, Litch, Canadian Atheist, and last year's Monolith: effectively covering a 7 year period). The tracklist is still being finalized (more details on that in the weeks to come), but it is expected to feature around 17 tracks, plus a brand new song entitled "A New Circle of Hell." This release will most likely be MZR037.
This summer/fall will also see two smaller releases, the details of which must remain mysterious for the time being. They will be MZR038 and MZR039.
This fall/winter, MZR is also hoping to release a new compilation album, a sequel of sorts to the label's first compilation album released back in October of 2008, the groundbreaking A Dream as White as the Death of a Seagull. All of the groups that contributed to that initial release are invited for this new album (indeed, I hope to start sending out formal invitations in preparation for it soon), though we hope to have some new groups on this one as well. At the moment, all of this is very sketchy, but more details will follow: it is hoped that this release, the netlabel's 40th, will be catalogued as MZR040.
Watch this space!
-Arthur Limbo

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