Thursday, September 6, 2007

New MZR Blog

Mauve Zone Recordings (MZR) is pleased to announce the birth of its very own blog (prior to this, all MZR news had appeared on the LiveJournal Text Slimes). From now on, all MZR news will make their debut on this blog, though announcements of new releases will still be mentioned on Text Slimes.

MZR is a nonprofit netlabel that also serves as the musical branch of the Necronomicon Transhumanism Society (NTS).

If you're interested in contacting us for interviews, general comments, or if you wish to submit work to us, we may be e-mailed at

All older MZR news articles have been included in this blog. From this post on, all announcements will be totally new.

COMING SOON: New album from Bryce Clayton Eiman, second issue of TRANS/MISSION, + BOY DESTROYER MySpace page.

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