Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tracklisting for Sypha Nadon: The Nightmare Factory [MZR018]

1. Hyla
2. Sonic Lwa
3. Enter Horus
4. Security Gauntlet
5. Z-Note
6. Threnody for Zumb Zumb (Remix)
7. The Ignored
8. Maggots
9. The Fabulous Mr. Meaningless
10. Kind Hands is the Cure
11. The Glow
12. Stop It!
13. Machine Elves
14. Horse Rotorvating
15. The Mauve Zone
16. Ginen
17. The Nightmare Factory

(running time: 78 minutes)

Trach 14, "Horse Rotorvating," is a demo track of a song off the upcoming, still untitled Sypha Nadon album due to be released this year. The final track, "The Nightmare Factory," is an all-new song created especially for this retrospective collection. With the exception of these two tracks, all of the other tracks on the album have previously appeared elsewhere.

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