Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OUT NOW: Sypha Nadon: First Report (LP) [MZR029]

Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce the release of First Report [MZR029], the first of 4 Sypha Nadon archival releases.

This first release features a selection of some of the very earliest Sypha Nadon songs (including the original keyboard version of "SCUM Manifesto" and, for the anal completionist/masochist, all 5 versions of "Maggots"), plus 9 out of 15 songs off First Report, the cassette-only debut album recorded on May 2000.


1. Maggots (TG Version) 3:01
2. Maggots (Stereo Voices Version) 3:00
3. Maggots (German Version) 3:00
4. Maggots (German Noise Version) 3:02
5. Maggots (Instrumental) 2:56
6. SCUM Manifesto (Original) 5:41
7. #13 0:37
8. Mirror Mirror 4:57
9. Butterfly Sky 4:51
10. The Storm 4:32
11. SCUM Manifesto (New Version) 3:30
12. Les Fleurs du mal 4:50
13. Bataan Death March 3:46
14. Factory Rock 4:45
15. Dead Soul Stadium 7:37
16. Computer Death (Excerpt) 0:36
17. Computer Death (Alternate Excerpt) 2:05

Total Running Time: 60 minutes (approximate)

As always, it can be downloaded for free at Mauve Zone Recordings' Internet Archive page:


Coming Soon: Distant [MZR030], which will collect the entirety of the Distant cassette tape from August 2000, along with assorted bonus tracks.

Also Coming Soon:

MZR031: Sypha Nadon: Decadence (will collect the entirety of 2001's Decadence, the cassette-only third Sypha Nadon collection)

MZR032: Sypha Nadon: Unnamable (will collect assorted rarity tracks dating from the years 2000-2008)

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