Friday, January 16, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: New Sypha Nadon Anthologies

It is with great pleasure that MZR announces the upcoming releases of a number of Sypha Nadon anthologies chronicling the early years of the band, before the first "official" album (2005's 11 Chants for Russolo). These anthologies will feature better quality recordings of material previously released on 2007's Universe A: Distant anthology, along with a wealth of previously unreleased material.

MZR029: Sypha Nadon: First Report (will collect some of the very oldest Sypha Nadon songs, along with a selection of tracks from 2000's First Report, the cassette-only first Sypha Nadon collection)

MZR030: Sypha Nadon: Distant (will collect the entirety of 2000's Distant, the cassette-only second Sypha Nadon collection)

MZR031: Sypha Nadon: Decadence (will collect the entirety of 2001's Decadence, the cassette-only third Sypha Nadon collection)

MZR032: Sypha Nadon: Unnamable (will collect assorted rarity tracks dating from the years 2000-2008)

Tracklistings and further information to come.

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