Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Mauve Zone Recordings is pleased to announce our latest release: Monolith, the new Sypha Nadon studio album (and the follow-up to last year's Canadian Atheist).

Originally Monolith was to have been a 23 track double album over 100 minutes long. We eventually decided it worked best as a single LP and trimmed it to 13 tracks. Maybe one day we’ll release the other 10, but for now, we think it’s a stronger effort as one album (and it must be stressed that Sypha agreed with us on this point: in fact, it was his idea to cut it down to one album at the 11th hour).
As always, it may be listened to and downloaded for free from our Internet Archive page:



1. Dark Enlightenment (4:04)
2. 300,000,000 (4:08)
3. The Weak (2:24)
4. One Thousand Years (4:27)
5. Ritual (3:11)
6. Monolith (3:39)
7. The Drowned Giant (3:26)
8. The Jackpot (5:04)
9. Irem, City of Pillars (4:23)
10. Nameless (4:07)
11. America After the Rain (3:46)
12. Exotrilogy Symphony (12:05)
-Part One: Phantom War (5:41)
-Part Two: How It Is (3:52)
-Part Three: System Collapse (2:30)
13. The Horrible, Terrible, Ghastly Things I’ve Seen (3:25)

(Total Running Time: 58 minutes, 11 seconds)

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