Thursday, August 6, 2015

Update on the Sypha Nadon double album + cover art

Work is still progressing on MZR034, the upcoming Sypha Nadon double album (which I've recently, as in today, decided to rename Monolith). The music aspect of it is almost done, I just need to finalize the tracklisting, write the liner notes, and a few other minor things... I hope to have it done with this month but who knows? After this I plan on putting the SN project on indefinite hiatus: between the archival reissue project earlier this year and now this double album of new material, I think I've tapped the well for all its worth, and seeing as I started the SN project with the idea of doing a double album all the way back in the year 2000, this seems like a fitting capstone (and to be honest, it's become a distraction from writing, or maybe an excuse not to write). Anyway it will consist of 23 tracks (12 on the left disc and 11 on the right disc, just like NIN's The Fragile) and I expect it to be somewhere between 95-100 minutes long.

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